Spring Racing 2013

If you follow me on my Instagram you would have seen all of the Spring Racing 2013 madness that happened last week. We were lucky enough to attend the Lavazza marquee in the Birdcage as well as the Yellowglen for both Oaks and Stakes Day. Below are some favourite pictures of both of the days including me getting filmed by Channel 7 news, delicious treats from the Lavazza marquee, some interesting headpieces, the cutest baby you’ve ever seen getting more attention than all of the celebrities around, and of course my outfits from both days.

Oaks Day:
Saints + Secrets Dress
Nomadic Leopard Clutch
ASOS Heels – now only $58! (also available in black and red)
SilkStoneWood ‘Bones & Feathers’ Bracelet
C Wonder Pyramid Cuff
Vera-Xane Necklace

Stakes Day:
Lauren Damelian Suit Jacket & Pants
Tony Bianco Heels
Nomadic Ponyhair Clutch
MAN Necklace
Vera-Xane headpiece

Photography by Alex Beerden

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